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Chinese regional combat power rankings

Historical and strategic point of view :China regional combat rank a few days ago online to see an article ,called Chinese provinces combat rank ,Hunan ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,Sichuan ,Chongqing ranked first in China ,second ,Shaanxi ,Shandong third ,Hebei ,Henan ,Shanxi fourth ,followed by Hubei ,Anhui ,Jiangsu ,Guizhou ,Yunnan ,Inner Mongolia ,Ningxia ,Gansu ,Qinghai ,Beijing ,Zhejiang ,Fujian ,Jiangxi ,Guangdong ,Guangxi ,Xinjiang ,Tibet ,Tianjin ,Taiwan ,Shanghai ,Hongkong ,Macao.
The meaning of the text ,presumably to customs for the first basis. I think the author thinking is still stuck in the nineteenth Century or today ignorance of smallholder the level of science and technology today ,information .
In order to progress ,rely on a well-developed limbs, also what combat? Americans is afraid of death ( cherish life ) ,is not the world military power in Afghanistan ,Iraq ,?Which one is it down ?The force fighting between person and person ,can be divided into for the four levels ,the highest is the state machine ,is war ;the second is organized civil war ,such as gang ,black society; again is a rogue gang ;at last, are you my little people fighting.
The article on the so-called &quot &quo ;combat effectiveness T ;analysis ,or stays in the rogue fights level. Therefore ,I think it is necessary to combat force provinces re-ranking.
First lists the ranking criteria :first ,the geographical environment determinism of geographical environment .A regional security coefficient ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,area of land and resources abundant degree of safety factor is a place .
Combat strength is important reflect .The United States so powerful ,because it is far away from the Eurasian continent ,two World War did not burn to the United States. The British ,Japanese ,and so become powerful, because they are natural island ,easily defensible.
Hitler had swept across continental Europe ,but the British bomb savagely ,but feel helpless .The large land area advantage ,in Russia was embodied particularly evident when Hitler tried to annex .
Europe ,even the law of won, when, in the Soviet front touched nail. Russian and British Eastern and Western Europe ,as to defend the two barrier .As Japanese aggression against China ,attempt to stroke to destroy us ,but China is too large ,the Japanese had to front pull very long, they hit Hunan, became a spent force ,the national government is based in Chongqing ,calmly deal with ,finally won the Anti-Japanese War victory Lee .
The resources ,in war conditions, it may be GDP this economic data more meaningful .Second ,economic actual strength of economic actual strength obviously .The role out .Such as the Southern Song Dynasty, to the Southern Song Dynasty, had the early Southern Song Dynasty period ,Han Shizhong Yue Fei ,the army ,coupled with the innate system corruption, atmosphere was weak, the army very poor.
But Mongolia cavalry swept through Europe ,the country of numerous ,one of the most difficult country is the Southern Song Dynasty. Two sides in a stalemate for dozens of years. Finally, Kublai made a detour to Dali ,was surrounded by large, to the arc .
It is the big easy ,the great Song Nan .Southern Song Dynasty lasted so long ,what ?Don by Guo Jing ,Huang Rong ,( joke !) by economic strength .To this day ,the economic strength of the meaning is more important .
Third ,human factors. There are two main aspects ,one is the population, two of the population is the quality ,is the main population educational degree .Intelligence factors have been decided to become a fighting force extremely important conditions ,modern Chinese beaten and USA today run west Asia ,are good examples .
Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .Folk Factors in modern war the importance of being weakened ,but still very important. In particular ,there is a Wrong understanding ,is to fight that war hooligans ,where most cross ,the mad ,is most can .
Wrong ,completely mistaken .Folk strength ,the most important points ,one is to see people is it right? Unity, is cohesion ;two is to look at the moral quality ,also the first integrity .
Speak cohesion ,try to Ming and Qing Dynasty of China :the central power was the northern nomadic people blow ,history of recurrent episodes ,but in the face of five wild China ,Eastern energy based Jiangnan ;face the Jurchen in Bian ,the Southern Song Dynasty can be based on the South; but in the face of strength is not too strong in Manchuria, the Nanming regime should be based on the south of the Yangtze River.
One reason ,is the party infighting .As for the integrity ,also to the Ming and Qing Dynasty .Note: the Jiangnan region is known to be weak ,but could the most intense regions. Below I as the standard throughout the battle force to rank: ( 1)the northeast ,including the northeast and Eastern Inner Mongolia.
First ,history and geographical conditions. From the terrain ,northeast area ,North Xingan, west ridge ,Southeast of Changbai Mountain ,Xingan Ling west north of the vast desert ,smoke is in Siberia ,Changbai Mountain to the Southeast ,across the Yalu River ,is North Korea rugged hills ,ground The enclosed form ,is easily defensible .
At the same time ,the northeast and plug but not closed ,it has its own access to the sea ,mountains and the sea in front, solid risk situation .From the resources ,to the northeast plain area of broad, rich resources, look around China ,without having their right .
From the geopolitical ,northeast is located in Russia ,South Korea ,the United States ,the powers to contend for ,of very important strategic status .China decision to revitalize the northeast ,sincerity for the smart move.
Look from the history ,recent since the various regimes ,such as the Liao ,Jin and Qing, all rise in the northeast .The origin of Mongolia ,though not northeast core region ,but also in nearby Jiang Jieshi .
The unification of China, to the northeast of the game for the mark. The Communist country surrounds a city road ,although arose in the south is a mountainous area, and rolling for Northern Shaanxi, and the Central Plains the decisive battle is initiated from the northeast .
Furthermore ,northeast area in the history of the Korean peninsula with high system, has the congenital advantage the northeast region of the national power .Gao Gouli ( attention! In Northeast China is the national regime of Gao Gouli ,not the Gao Gouli and no relationship in Xinluo founded by Wang Jian Gao Gouli ,heir to an Korea !) can not only resist the Sui and Tang Dynasties ,the Korean Peninsula ,the Xinluo free press Die .
Thereafter arose in the northeast of the regime ,Khitan ,Jurchen ,Mongolia ,A certain period of a day,Manchuria ,which do not take the Korean business smoothly .So ,in ancient times, to the person in the world ,in today ,the northeastern person in the world .
Second ,economic factors. The northeast economy now faces some difficulties ,but the in the country is still in the middle level .Moreover, the difficulties it faces is mainly composed of system factors and historical factors, by virtue of its powerful resource advantage and area advantage ,economy is revitalized is promising.
Third ,human factors. A large population ,and the average education level is higher .Fourth ,folkway civilian .People of the northeast wind power .As everyone knows .But ,northeast 3 provinces are more sympathy, if faced with war ,3 provinceswill be combined into one body ,joined forces ,showed a strong cohesion.
Conclusion :because of the strategic location ,resource condition on the incomparable advantages, coupled with the economic development potential is considerable, I will provinces as a overall ,ranked first.
( 2)including South of the Five Ridges ,Guangdong ,Hainan ,Hongkong ,Macao and parts of Guangxi .First ,the historical and geographical conditions of South of the Five Ridges sea area .
The south ,North has the solid ;remote ( relative to the history of China Core area) ,increased its safety index .In the history of the early Han Dynasty have the Kingdom, the five generation has the Southern Han ,had founded a separatist regime .
In modern times ,here becomes the constitutional reform ,Republican Revolution began ,Kang Youwei ,Liang Qichao ,Sun Zhongshan are later battles ,and Cantonese .Launched from Guangdong .
Furthermore ,south of the Five Ridges area of the South Island ( Hainan Island) ,for the reserve base ,west hill in the event of accident plexus ,,can be carried out guerrilla warfare ;if Hunan and Jiangxi south area can also be incorporated into the region ,south of the Five Ridges will be more secure ,more powerful ( likely ) ;overseas links strong.
These are the south of the Five Ridges region favorable factors. Second ,economic conditions. Economy is developed .The Pearl River Delta is currently China most economically developed regions .
If the faces of war ,due to a congenital blood relations, Hong Kong and Macao inevitable with the Guangdong into one, strong economic strength is the dominate the Chinese important weight slightly .
Insufficient, the Pearl River Delta region outside ,the degree of economic development and people level needs to be improved. Third ,human factors. Population, average education level is higher ;information developed, first in the country.
But Hongkong culture to outback influence and infiltration Penetration is very strong, it is other area unmatched advantage. Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .Guangdong churchyard although people more, but its population is the main component of the Cantonese people ,there is another identity ,and have a sense of pride .
Conclusion :the developed economy, relatively good geographic location and human resources ,making South of the Five Ridges one of China the most powerful one of areas, but look from the history ,it checks the strength is insufficient ,it is ranked the second.
( 3)the south, including southern Jiangsu ,southern Anhui ,Shanghai and Zhejiang Province, may also includes Northern Jiangsu and parts of Jiangxi .First ,the historical and geographical conditions in the area .
The geographical advantages and shortcomings are obvious advantages .First ,China south of the Yangtze River in the north plain area ,hilly area and foreland of the eastpart part combination of points ,has a natural balance of the area advantage.
This advantage is very beneficial to the region .Besides shortcomings ,mainly has two: one is terrain open ,without insurance can observe .The region of northern plains ,vulnerable. Yangtze as a natural barrier ,but look from historical experience ,this natural barrier easily breached ;plus Qian Tang River ,as the heavy Jiang Zhi insurance ,as unreliable .
The two is easy to split ,once divided, could become the strategic base ,rich Taihu basin tends to become a battlefield, the spring and Autumn period Wu Yue battle ,the Five Dynasties period ( Wu Tang ) and Wu Yue battle ,is clear proof.
But ,this two shortcomings can be overcome ,the first disadvantage ,is the area to the south of Huaihe into the region Because of the region ,cultural advantages ,the annexation of Huainan, is not difficult.
Once occupied Huainan ,the back River and keep ,the whole region safety index will greatly improve ,so the history is keep to keep as the Huai river said. If incorporated into Jiangxi to the sphere of influence, the safety index will further improve .
(in the case of northern Jiangsu areas such as Xuzhou ,estimates do not turn to the south, though ,is not tenable .) on second shortcomings ,is the internal force is uniform .Qian Tang river once unified ,will show a strong force of spring and autumn .
Wu Mieyue ,Wu can compete for hegemony Chinese ;more to destroy Wu ,more can also compete for hegemony ,the Central Plains Dynasty .,so can stand in the south ,are effective in the Wu Yue area unity and prosperity.
Look at the examples to the contrary ,the Five Dynasties period ,the southern states ,Wu ( the ) most have the ability The central power to contend with ,but do not destroy the Wu Yue Kingdom regime ,for the end of Later Zhou Dynasty ,the Northern Song Dynasty had destroyed .
If Wu Yue internal unity ,its strength may be beyond South of the Five Ridges .Second ,economic conditions. Since Song, this is the most economically developed regions in the country ,but also the development of relative balance.
In modern history, Zhejiang the merchant of Shanghai ,political influence ,all know .Third ,human factors. Population, level of education of science and technology of the first ( mainland) .
Jiangnan called national cultural origin ,so far not easy. This point have a look ,the academician of the Academy of Sciences of project origin that. But ,river two provinces based education is also very .
Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .Here for the Wu area ,the same language, the habit is similar ,each other self-identity sense. Conduct frail ,but history has a strong tradition. Zhejiang and Guangdong ,is the birthplace of Chinese democratic revolution in modern times .
Slightly insufficient, Jiangnan Jiangbei District of people discrimination ,they should understand ,only to the north as a ,the river north into their defense of the area south of the Yangtze River hinterland ,the security is guaranteed ,the rich prosperity can be sustained.
Conclusion :the Jiangnan region in economic ,cultural ,science and technology are developed ,and the developed history than Further ,development level is quite balanced, it checks the area condition ,but the internal instability ,if Wu ,the division ,its ranking will drop ,if Wu ,more unified, it may go beyond South of the Five Ridges ,ranked second.
For this reason ,put it in the top third .( 4)in Taiwan .Xinhua forum that post, Taiwan is down ,I put it in the fourth ,that some people will refuse to obey. First ,history and geography.
Taiwan is the biggest advantage of geographical advantage ,but that a sea of the Republic of China ,&quot ;&quot ;not exist today. But ,is located in East Asia and Southeast Asia transport hub ,but also for its economic development to provide convenient.
Second ,economic conditions. Taiwan developed economy ,be obvious to people ,no need to say more. Third ,human factors. Population ,only about twenty million ,but in the international is also a middle power size ;moreover, Taiwan science and technology education level is extremely high .
This point no need to say more. Fourth ,folkway civilian habit .Habit is relatively weak ,and the island is called ethnic dispute ,this is it. However ,Taiwan legal level is more advanced, can make up for the deficiency.
Conclusion :superior geographical conditions ,strong economic strength ,very Gaoke Teaching standard and legal system degree of other parts of Taiwan ,is difficult to match the edge ,just an island ,land is narrow, population is rare ,less resources ,be congenitally deficient ,it ranked in the south ,fourth.
( 5)Hebei ,including Beijing ,Tianjin ,Hebei province and parts of Inner Mongolia .First ,the historical and geographical conditions .Here North pillow Yanshan ,West shoulder in the East ,near the sea, south of the Yellow River ,situation solid risk, history is a strong people Zhechongzunzu ,fight for territory in ancient Central China important regions.
At that time, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu ,have suffered repeated defeats ,but as soon as Han Xin in Hebei ,Xiang Yu is not. The late Tang Dynasty ,the military governorship ,Hebei three at a corner contend ,Datang .
These are illustrated by Hebei What is now Hebei ,West Taihang Mountain ,west of the Taihang Shanxi ,Shanxi strength, this is ancient ,has not been able to pose a threat to Hebei ;North Inner Mongolia had not their ancestors brilliant.
Moreover, these two areas are likely to become Hebei appendages. The greatest threat to Hebei from the northeast, but Hebei has mountain of insurance can observe ( to see if we can keep) .
As for Henan ,it is always the object was the devastation in Hebei ,Liu Xiu ( Henan ) to Hebei and the world ,An Lu The Tang Tang Liang mountain ,destroyed Khitan hit ,hit song ,Jin Dynasty ,Nuzhen eliminate the Northern Song Dynasty ,HH scenes of historical drama is played in Hebei completed in Henan .
Only the Yuan Shao comparison of waste, possession throughout Hebei ,Cao Cao was destroyed .Second ,economic conditions. Hebei since ancient times is the most economically developed country one of the regions, but not now .
The economy into a piece of Hebei instead. If not the capital ,Beijing is also the strength to drop greatly ,Tianjin is as follows. Fortunately its area the condition is good, economic development has certain potential .
Third ,human resource .Human resource is abundant, the entire region ( Beijing science and education level also .Tianjin ,the level of science and education is very developed .) fourth ,folkway civilian practice .
Here known as the yanzhao ,since ancient times, many generous heroic people ,what Yan Ren Zhang Yide ,Changshan Zhao Zilong ,be used to war or fighting men ,meet the eye everywhere .But be worse than before ,under the imperial office too long ,as a conservative ,bureaucratic hurdles ,enterprising relatively lacking.
Conclusion :Hebei condition is very advantageous ,since ancient times is the balance of world economic axis ,has the certain development potential, only relative to other developed regions ,has been behind, it ranked fifth.
( 6)including Sichuan ,Sichuan Province , Chongqing. I this language, Sichuan people must be tired of waiting ,why don said to me ?This is not said it .First ,historical and geographical conditions.
Sichuan geographical conditions ,a characteristic ,is closed solid risk .It is a big ,big southwest ,monstrous plateau ,the north is &quot ;Sichuan line is hard ,almost inaccessible &quot ;pass, East is in the high mountains and lofty hills ,long ,adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2,long the Yangtze River Road .
Sichuan in the war of resistance against Japan become the rear area ,Chongqing became the wartime capital ,its geographical advantage and role has been the most incisive play. But Sichuan geographical advantage at the same time its weaknesses ,make it difficult to develop from outside forces.
Because of outward development, certainly will make the battle line is too long ,difficult supply .Can observe country easy ,hard by the school .For example ,Zhu Geliang repeated the northern expedition ,prove futile ,the dumping of East Liu Bei ,Yiling was the defeat.
Sichuan this place ,whenever the big split during the period ,the most easily appear the separatist regime ,but these separatist regime was not a unified world .Second ,economic conditions.
Sichuan in ancient times called the land of abundance ,economy developed since Needless to say .But it is in countrywide position ,have been relatively decreased. Chengdu very flourishing ,Chongqing is very prosperous ,but the majority of the Rural area ,and area of the eastpart part than, much better .
The overall level of economic development ,balanced degree are improved .Third ,human resource .Human resource is abundant ;but with the level of economic development ,science and education level of development is not balanced ,science and education resource excessive is concentrated in the big city .
Fourth ,folkway civilian Xi .The people of the whole country that people can play ,should be good ,Sichuan also contributed a lot to the general ,should also be good. If not ,between Chongqing in-fighting ,not fight over who is southwest of boss, the region score should be high.
Conclusion :Sichuan has solid risk geographical environment ,since advantages ,there is insufficient ;the bustling city ,there are vast numbers of poor rural ;captive territory is superabundant ,fight for territory in ancient Central China is hopeless, it ranked sixth.
( 7)Shandong. Put your row seventh ,proud of Shandong estimates may argue .Wait ,listen to me about the reasons: first ,the historical and geographical conditions of Shandong .Special ,being surrounded by mountains ,the middle is plain ,it ?Is hilly ,the outside ring a ring plain .
But ,it Hebei ,Henan ,Jiangsu ,is plain .Such topographic features ,the most insecure. And, even though the middle mountain ,depth ,breadth ,Risk degree is insufficient, guerrilla are difficult to support Shandong .
Since the spring and autumn and the Warring States ,except for the later Tang Dynasty dynasty once regime, has there been a strong local regime ,( don Han Fuqu ,Because of public emergencies famous ten big news anchor Figure ,a word :weak !) in North China area basically is Shaanxi ,Shanxi ,Henan ,Hebei to contend for the world ;as for the Shandong ,who won the world, I will be who .
Fortunately, Shandong the comparison of open geographic conditions on the development of economy. Second ,economic conditions. The economic strength of Shandong is good, comprehensive strength and Guangdong ,Jiangsu for the first ,average per capita has not ,but is always a strong economy .
If the southwest develops well ,the economy will be better. Third ,human factors. Shandong is a big province in population .In actual combat, Shandong also is likely to northern Jiangsu ,Eastern Henan region into its sphere of influence ,improve land area and population size.
As for Shandong people education level ,the quality of the population, that is not to say .Modern Shandong is not the ancient splendor ,but is still a local talent .Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .
Shandong people roundly ,to learn, easy to organize ,but the habit is more serious, it is its insufficiency .Conclusion :Shandong in economy ,science and comprehensive .Force is not the best, but are very strong ,economic development area the condition is good, but the terrain on vulnerable, it ranked seventh.
( 8)Jing Hu .Hubei ,Hunan province. First ,the historical and geographical conditions .Jing Hu for the ancient Chu ,is located in the center of China .It is surrounded by mountains ,the middle river ,lake ,is a plain ,topographic features similar to the basin.
It seems basin ,but not very solid risk .The west ,is the high mountains and lofty hills and high mountains and lofty hills in Sichuan .Sichuan people are not good at the development of the field, so the relative safety ,but once the Sichuan let other forces occupied ,the West will be very dangerous .
In the north is Henan ,if the Henan internal chaos ,or Henan and other places is pulled ,and relatively safe ,if the north have a strong unified force ,then Hubei is very ,very dangerous .
You see, Cao Cao out Yuan Shao ,first take you Jingzhou .Only in this way ,and the northern city of Xiangyang has become a place of strategic the greatest danger .But they often coming from the East .
The history and situation often occurs between the southern regime ,often appear the lower reaches of the Yangtze River .This regime once formation and consolidation ,it first thought not to and North for victory or defeat, but must first To solve the middle reaches of the Yangtze River ,because this is right under the nose of risk .
So Sun Quan to fight Liu Biao ,followed by Liu Bei .Then Zhu Yuanzhang is true, the establishment of the state ,to be busy to destroy yuan ,but by playing Chen You Jiangxi cooler to control the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.
So ,once the two lakes east of Wu Yue series ,the formation of a stable the regime ,then the two lakes is very ,very ,very dangerous .( you can withstand Wuhan .) for the south ,because the history of Guangdong is wilderness ,is less developed regions ,although occasionally with two conflicting, but does not pose a deadly threat .
But ,now ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,now instead of Guangdong Guangdong .Second ,economic conditions. And with Sichuan ,a bustling city ,also be rural poverty. Third ,human factors. Population, resources are sufficient ,basic education is relatively developed ,Hunan since the modern times had many national influence and historical figures.
Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .And the folk strength, the people of the whole country all know .The problem is Hunan person ,Hubei person can be combined as a whole, coordinated operations.
In case of war ,the northeast is certainly one family ,this is not a problem ;Wu Ren and more people may split ,but it is also possible to walk Together ;but in Hubei ,Hunan can go together ,I have no confidence.
Geographically, two provincial mixed ran as a whole, but from the historical and realistic experience, they combine the possibility is very small. ( don two thousand years ago in Chu. ) if not ,they are the ranking of the inevitable decline.
Conclusion :two lakes area together ,has sufficient soil land ,resources and talents ,the economy also has some potential, has four insurance can observe ,vulnerable to the formation of a strong entity.
Just around the adjacent strong programming ,plus two lakes combined with low probability ,it can only be ranked eighth .( such as two lakes combined ,they will surpass Shandong ,such as can not be combined, their ranking will drop.
) ( 9)the Yunnan-Guizhou ,including Yunnan ,Guizhou province. First ,the historical and geographical conditions .Here is the plateau mountains ,deep ,very steep ,hostile forces into the area is easy, but to carry out effective control very difficult ;it is on the back of the jungles of Southeast Asia ,suitable for guerilla war .
History of Tang Dynasty in Nanzhao ,causing a lot of trouble. At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty and Wu Sangui ,also let Kangxi a headache for a while .In the middle and late Qing Dynasty volatile .
Second ,economic conditions in China .Yunnan is open Area ,rich in resources ,economy is backward ,but the development potential is relatively large. Third ,human resources .The population is more sufficient, but the level of education is relatively low.
Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .National complex composition ,tissue mobilization difficult .Conclusion :population ,resources are relatively abundant land ,economic development has potential ,but national complex composition ,science and education level is low ,with a plateau in the jungle ,self-protective temporarily, but unable to fight for territory in ancient Central China .
It is ranked the ninth. ( 10)in Henan ,Henan Province, and may also include Jiangsu ,north of Anhui .First ,the historical geography .Henan in the ancient world known as ,northwest ,mountains ,rivers ,solid risk situation ,many dynasty or in the capital this ,or set up in the capital ,control of the country.
But because it is the world ,often a place open to attack from all directions ,while the Henan northwest face of the firm ,but East is without insurance can rely on the plain ,vulnerable to attack.
You see, the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty moving from Luoyang to Kaifeng ,was to destroy Jurchen .Of course ,there is also rising over rule the roost at the end of the Han Dynasty hero, Cao Cao ,down at the end of Zhu Quanzhong ,are one example.
Now Henan ,northwest has insurance can observe ,but is relatively weak in Northwest Shaanxi ,Shanxi ,and to the East is the real Strong coastal provinces ,dangerous ah .Second ,economic conditions.
Once when, it is so prosperous ,even the world bustling place. But glory had been surging the Yellow River washed clean. Henan ,than the national ,in the middle of a slightly lower level.
Of course ,as a result of population is numerous ,on GDP ,it is still in the front position. Third ,human factors. Henan is the first province with a large population .The talent ,I think Lu ,Yu Jiang ,Zhejiang ,China is the history of the four person is big province.
Henan ranked first ,fully deserve .But Henan talent is ancient ,and in the ancient period, until now, not ever. Alas. Fortunately, now also is not too backward ,after all, is a big province .
Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .I of Henan who had no particular feelings ,it is said that Henan is a mess ,this may make its comprehensive strength reduced. Conclusion :Henan by virtue of its superior geographical conditions ,historically very brilliant ,it checks the area advantage ,have not yet been completely lost, but because economic development is poor, compared to the Yunnan-Guizhou, lack of resources ,but also a place open to attack from all directions ,depend on ,it ranked in the Yunnan-Guizhou ,No.
tenth ( .11) Qin Long ,including Shaanxi ,Ningxia ,Gansu ,Qinghai in some areas. First ,the historical geography .Geographic features ,four words :Kuanshan solid risk .The history of China powerful Dynasty ,Han Sui and Tang Dynasties ,was born.
In history, it has the incomparable glory. But in the song Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty ,it became and the battle ,and unable to get up after a fall .Here and now has completely lost the strength to fight for territory in ancient Central China ,as a wartime rear it is smaller than the Sichuan ,it in strategic geographical meaning but we controlled only Xinjiang ,Tibet and other ethnic minority areas ,and consolidate the western frontier of the pivot.
So ,countries should set up the Lanzhou military region second ,economic conditions ..here was once the world one of the most prosperous areas ,is now China places one. Excessive development ,has come to an end .
It is located in inland ,external traffic inconvenience. Best to develop high-tech industry ,Financial storm of wind, BBQ barbecue is inverse wind up,but can develop ,is a problem .Third ,human factors. 3 provinces area population of small province ,add up to only seventy million ,less than the Yunnan-Guizhou .
Shaanxi science and technology education condition is pretty good ,but it was largely a state plan, arrangement results in long-term development .The lack of a sound economic support .Article Four ,folkway civilian Xi .
The Ming Dynasty Li Zicheng then raised an army, the Ming Dynasty had a tremendous power ,until the Mieming .But this is for famine forced .Today ,whether they can reproduce the Han and Tang Dynasties Hsiungfeng ,let a person suspect .
Coupled with the northwest region and ethnic ,religious issues ,so that its strength greatly reduced. Conclusion although the mountains :here the risk ,but economic progress is backward ,science and technology strength is strong ,but was on the coast road ,has lost the fight for territory in ancient Central China power ,but with a new solid ,fashion self-protective temporarily, it ranked eleventh.
( 12)Xinjiang. First ,historical and geographical conditions of no other advantages ,is remote .,broad ,Sandy .Remote ,difficult to play ,long-distance expedition ,difficulties in supply ;the majority of ,you will be looking for me is not necessarily not find ;sandy ,thirsty and you die of thirst.
The area once in history has had many national political power ,Chinese imperial court to cause much trouble .Now .Located near adjacent power sensitive Central Asia ,Russia .Second ,economic conditions.
The economic development of Xinjiang is relatively backward ,but some city by virtue of resources or political advantage ,development well .Third ,human factors. Xinjiang has a small population ,less than twenty million .
Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .I only heard in Xinjiang People dance ,had not heard of the people of Xinjiang and Xinjiang .And, many nationalities ,and a number of Han Chinese ,these forces are very difficult to get into a clinch .
Of course ,should pay attention to religious issues ,to prevent foreign forces involved. Conclusion :Xinjiang no attack, but with its geographic conditions ,according to the male ,but the the backward economy ,internal ethnic separation ,which greatly reduced strength ,so it can only be ranked twelfth.
( 13)Fujian. First ,the historical geography .Fujian side is the mountain side is the sea ,the sea ,sporadic some coastal plain ,but is relatively small ,it is difficult to form a large economic and political center in .
Terrain, here to hold risk and keep the ,mountain can fight a guerrilla war ,also hard abiding ,therefore in the history of Fujian is also often be slaughtered objects. The sea is not insurance .
The five generation has Fujian to country ,and Wu Yue and the country for Fuzhou ,Wu Yue sent a naval ,accounted for Fuzhou. Fortunately it south to north south of the Five Ridges, adjacent strong contend for hegemony ,generally will not take the rugged mountain south of Zhejiang Fujian mm ,go to Hunan ,Jiangxi ,and the North strong adjacent Jiangnan first to deal with the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the northern areas of the forces ,so long as Fujian is not active provocation ,it also temporarily let go of Fujian ,so Fujian can gou Ann temporarily.
Due to geographical closeness, Fujian may and Taiwan together ,may also be attached to the south of the Yangtze River ,south of the Five Ridges. Second ,economic conditions. The economy is relatively developed, especially the coastal areas ,some of the city leading national per capita data .
But because of a small Province, comprehensive economic strength is not strong .Third ,human factors. Fujian is a talent, the Fuzhou of numbers ,the country is counted on .Just because of their small ,low profile ,are often neglected.
Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .Geographical condition of Fujian is not good ,but Fujian tenacious, about developing ;Fujian and they also have identity conclusion :Fujian .In economy ,talent ,geographical character are enough to make one good qualities ,but the smaller ,it is difficult to form a powerful entity ,ranked thirteen.
( 14)the first Shanxi ,historical and geographical conditions .In history once celebrated temporarily, there was the most powerful country in the spring and Autumn Period tyrants ,once Tang Dynasty is the birthplace of Chinese dynasties ,it is against the northern nomadic nationality strategic points ,but also the national south invade China a hotly contested spot .
In terrain, Shanxi side of Lvliang mountain ,one side is Taihang Mountain ,west of the Yellow River ,whose The solid ,the terrain is relatively closed, in the history of frequent strong separatist regime ( such as beam of Jin ,Later Zhou Song Chuzhi North Han ) .
But ,Shanxi is located at the junction of agriculture and animal husbandry ,it is easy to control the vast a pasturing area, while the horse was China ancient times the extremely important strategic goods and materials ,by this point ,it is also enough to rule the roost at .
However ,Ma for modern warfare ,have be of little .Second ,economic conditions. Shanxi is China civilization one of the birthplace ,is also a history of economic developed regions ,even in the Qing Dynasty, Jin is still active time.
But now what ?There is coal .Now than in nineteenth Century ,light relies on coal No .Third ,human factors. The population of Shanxi is small province .Fourth ,folkway civilian practice .
In the history of Shanxi to the intrepid warrior known. People say that Shanxi will ,Cheng non empty words .Yang story told the world. However ,modern warfare is to rely on science and technology ,Shanxi .
Conclusion :this aspect .Shanxi dimensions slants small ,economy ,science and technology is relatively backward ,but not around the particularly strong forces ,( even if there are ,may temporarily also is not considered on Shanxi.
) with their dangerous terrain solid ,in the war environment self-protective temporarily, but difficult to sustain, ranking fourteen .( 15)the river West .First ,the historical geography .
Jiangxi East ,West ,South, north is surrounded by mountains on three sides ,mouth of the Yangtse River ,is rich in central area of Poyang Lake plain .This terrain was easily defensible ,but is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River middle reaches ,two forces ,often become the battlefield .
Sun Quan took place ,Wei and the two battle for Jingzhou. Once a Chen You cool ,Zhu Youzhang was defeated here .Now ,the rise of Guangdong ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,Jiangxi is located in Gangnam ,south of the Five Ridges ,Jing Hu three forces in the middle ,estimates very difficult to protect .
Second ,economic conditions. Poyang Lake was a barn ,now also a granary. The agriculture of Jiangxi ,but the business did not developed ,is inadvisable .But Jiangxi is located in Gangnam ,south of the Five Ridges ,development potential is also can be ,this a few years or attract sb.
.Third ,human factors. Jiangxi is one such population of the province. History is also a local talent in the Song Dynasty .Actually .Ming and Qing Dynasties ,also good ,now more commonly .

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